Everyone has a different budget, different needs and a different vision of how things should be. I am open to questions, suggestions and want to hear about your needs, and how i can make them come true!

A portrait session starts at 600$. This is the equivalent of a half-day rate. It includes; 

  • A photo session with me, one on one, lasting up to 4 hours. 
  • A retouched image of your choice (from the shoot session). In the digital format of your choice/need. 
    • After the shoot, pictures are made available to the client for selection. 

During the photo session, we will talk, joke around, exchange about hobbies & music, discuss politics and work. The goal here is to take between one and a thousand pictures, until we found "the" one. I will coach you, guide you and explain weird things about posing, relaxing and reaching your maximum potential. This is all part of my job and why i love photography.

Mark Cecere, Author. 2014.

Mark Cecere, Author. 2014.

Additional Fees can include; 

  • Additional Members to a party/photograph
  • Concept work (time, research)
  • Pre-Production efforts (setting up locations, doing test shoots...)
  • Transportation (within Montréal or further)
  • Location fees (permits, rent, logistics...)
  • Specific Background or other desired material
  • Specific License agreements (large publishings, magazine, websites, publicity...)
  • Extra pictures (retouching, planning)
  • Hair styling: i will be happy to recommend hair stylists to help if necessary. 
  • Makeup
  • Others as client requires.